madison project endorses Andy Coleman

In 2012, we played an integral role in helping a long shot, Jim Bridenstine, win the primary in Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District. Jim went on to become a leader in the United States House, making his first recorded vote against the Speakership of John Boehner. Having been tapped by the Trump Administration to serve as the new director of NASA, Jim resigned and set in motion a wide open primary election to fill his old seat.

We sat recently with Andy Coleman in Washington, DC and were struck by his grasp of the issues and the current environment inside the Beltway. While a political neophyte in that he himself has never run for office, Andy has helped several great conservatives win their elections over the years. It is his turn now and we need to do all we can to help Andy win this one. Election Day is June 26. We know polls are showing Andy in a neck and neck tie with the Establishment’s pick. Let’s help Andy out and get the win on June 26th!

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