TULSA, OK:  Former State Representative Pam Peterson – who previously served as the House Majority Floor Leader and Tulsa Republican Party Chairman – has endorsed Andy Coleman in his race for U.S. Congress.  Peterson first announced her support of Coleman in August of last year.

“Politics at the federal level is pretty tough these days,” Peterson shared when she first announced her endorsement.  “But Andy Coleman has a proven track record of serving well in tough situations. Graduating from the Air Force Academy. His role as a military intelligence officer in Baghdad. His work in the Middle East to help persecuted Christians as a leader with the Voice of the Martyrs. Those were not light tasks. They took courage, skill, faith, accountability and grit – qualities we need desperately in D.C. I’m also impressed with his conservative background, as a former leader with groups like the Federalist Society. We need conservatives who have served in the policy trenches, and taken firm stands for the U.S. Constitution, our liberties, and our values. Finally, Andy’s national security and foreign policy experience sets him apart in this race for a federal seat. Altogether, Andy has the background and capacity for this role. That’s why I’m excited to endorse Andy in his race for U.S. Congress.”

“Pam is widely respected throughout Tulsa for her thoughtful conservative leadership,” expressed Coleman last year.  “I deeply appreciate her support and look forward to receiving her counsel and support as we continue our campaign.” Coleman is running for the open congressional seat previously held by Jim Bridenstine.

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