Congressman Scott Perry

Tulsa, OK: Today, Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA) officially endorsed Captain Andy Coleman, a Republican, in his bid to be the next U.S. congressman for Oklahoma’s First District. This now marks the ninth congressional endorsement from a conservative Republican for Coleman. Coleman has secured far more endorsements from conservative Republican leaders than anyone else in the field.

“If elected to Congress, Andy Coleman will fight for conservative values and the foundational principles of American freedom,” stated Congressman Scott Perry. “Please vote for Andy on June 26th, so he can join those of us who stand and fight for limited government, free enterprise and traditional family values.”

“Like myself, Congressman Perry is a veteran,” expressed Coleman upon receiving the endorsement. “He has been an unwavering champion in the cause of freedom. Congressman Perry leans in on his military experience to guide his decisions in Congress. I will take that skill set to Washington as I seek to make wise, conservative decisions on behalf of my constituents. I look forward to helping in those efforts soon, as Oklahoma’s next U.S. congressman.”

Perry joins a long list of conservative leaders who also endorsed Coleman, including Senator Rick Santorum, Dr. Everett Piper, Congressman Jim Jordan, Congressman Steve King and Congressman Mark Meadows.

Andy Coleman, a veteran and outsider, graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served as a military intelligence officer. Later, Andy served with the Voice of the Martyrs, an Oklahoma-based Christian ministry that helps persecuted Christians in difficult countries around the globe. Andy and his wife live in Owasso with their three children.

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