Educating America’s children is of critical importance, but decisions about the proper education for each child are ultimately the responsibility of parents, teachers, and local governments—not the federal government. Education is not an enumerated power found in the U.S. Constitution. Consequently, the individual states are the proper arena for educational policy decision-making. The Tenth Amendment supports this conclusion.

Andy Coleman knows how important quality education is for students, families, and communities. Andy grew up in public schools and was blessed to have an excellent education. Andy’s children attend public schools. Vibrant schools foster vibrant communities, but decisions impacting those schools must be made locally.

States and school districts are comprised of students with various needs that are best addressed at the local level. Efforts to centralize education policy making in Washington D.C. results in an unwieldy one-size-fits all approach. Andy will resist such efforts and seek to return control over education policy to states and local government.