America’s national debt of approximately $20 trillion is a national disgrace. The debt is a moral failure. Reckless spending today leaves our children and grandchildren holding a crushing tab. As a dad, Andy Coleman recognizes this irresponsible practice for what it is: generational theft.

The debt is also a national security vulnerability. Redline spending has left America drifting in frightening fiscal waters; its economic hull in questionable condition. The situation is precarious. Andy recognizes this reality and will act—with a sense of urgency—to see Congress correct America’s course. Andy also appreciates that the borrower is the slave of the lender. Mired in debt, America at times curbs its policy decisions to avoid upsetting creditor nations. This arrangement is unacceptable. Congress must initiate and maintain a serious effort to control spending.

Free markets and economic mobility are the engines of innovation and entrepreneurship. Andy will passionately support efforts to cut unnecessary spending, reduce and simplify taxes, and provide regulatory relief for U.S. enterprise. These efforts are needed to spur economic growth and job creation.